Why stroom?

For me, the word evokes images of flow, of agility, of moving forward…


At stroom our focus is partnering with individuals and organisations to move forward with purpose: igniting exceptional service to each other, to customers and clients, and to suppliers.


Purpose is the driver that sparks a safe and supportive work environment where:


  • A shared commitment to organisational values and outcomes is created;

  • Great communication and connection enables openness and transparency;

  • A learning culture across all systems, policies, procedures, and plans fosters innovation and creativity;

  • A focus on service standards and outcomes has meaning for the design of customer/client solutions;

  • A respectful culture that delivers psychological safety is a baseline for workplace behaviours; and

  • Work practices reflect a commitment to hybrid agile structures and arrangements. 


Our view is that where there is no alignment or understanding of purpose, organisations cannot move forward and individuals stagnate.


Our approach is to establish frameworks that facilitate the achievement of the above: to provide resources and ‘coaching’ that enables individuals and teams to build their separate and collective sense of purpose.


We have a particular emphasis on the role of middle managers: those who are simultaneously caught between the pressures of responding to senior management on the one hand and to the demands of those they supervise on the other.

How we stroom?
We offer 3 packages


This basic package provides templates and other resources freely available through our library. No cost – just an expectation that you will let us know you are using them and provide us with feedback as you feel appropriate.


Our management package is a retainer of $2200 - $3300 per annum for tailored resources to facilitate your workplace practices and ensure the goals of unified purpose are not obstructed by inappropriate or inadequate policies and procedures.



Our executive package is a retainer of $5500 + per annum and includes the resources available through the management package as well as providing individual coaching to support the implementation and delivery of purpose driven outcomes. Cost is determined according to the number of coaching assignments and any leadership development initiatives to be undertaken.

Ron Jones' stroom library

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Read and learn about enterprise bargaining, redundancy and termination negotiations, or other applicable HR issues.

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Download questionaires and templates for DISC profiling, Workplace agreements, KPI worksheets and other useful documentation for employers.

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Listen to Ron Jones speak about compliance and risk in the workplace, award analysis, preparation of employment contracts and more.

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