Stroom can help

With proper analysis and understanding of your business Stroom can provide you with reassuring workplace solutions and management support.

Our specific areas of consulting include:

  • Compliance and risk advice

  • Award analysis

  • Preparation of letters of offer and employment contracts

  • Policies and procedures review

  • Enterprise level bargaining Business transmission solutions

  • Dispute resolution

  • Performance management

  • Restructuring and change management

  • Redundancy and termination Negotiations

  • Advocacy

  • Representation

  • Workplace leadership development

Alternatively, you may wish to undertake a complete diagnostic of your business practices to ensure all of your workplace systems are compliant with prevailing legislation whilst remaining aligned to business objectives and strategy.

Planning Purpose


The package of resources available through Stroom is designed to support and ignite thinking around 5 key focus areas:



Does the Organisation deliver what is promised to clients as well as to customers?



Is the Organisation’s plan for delivery plausible in the current market environment and does it have the right structure and framework to achieve this?



Are the people available equipped with the skills and support to deliver outcomes?



Does the Organisation have clear objectives and the alignment of job descriptions and strategic requirements that facilitate effective outcomes?



Do internal processes support or hinder performance success and do they support or get in the way of innovation and creativity?